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Our vision, mission and values

This vision was written by Pastor Lorraine Jones, whose organisation Dwaynamics offers opportunities and better life chances to young people. She wrote it at the weekend residential when 13 community leaders spent two days deciding on the vision, mission and values of VACF.

"What I want to see is a living organism – not another organisation which will have room to create levels of hierarchy and mismanagement. The clear difference with an organism is that it has to work collectively with other members of the body to function. The human body is the prime example: no one member works alone to get a job done.  And if any member of the body is hurt other parts of the body will work collectively to repair the damage to enable the body to function effectively collectively again to its highest capacity.

I would like to see a power station that will get the job done! That power station could be called any name but the emphasis would be that it would be made up of a group of highly skilled knowledgeable, sound, destiny shapers That have clear evidence of their practical success and would consist of professionals and community leaders. This organism will be paid because nothing of great value comes free.

Other projects and businesses will plug into this power station which will give  power nourishment training  aid , a source of light for clearer direction , knowledge, enablement, cohesion, progressive increase of consistent success and growth to all.

The organism will be the source of light with a unique strategy to work with existing projects and a channel to give birth to new identified ones like the greening project the organism will act like the heart beat for the community meaning  it will pump into motion the needs of the community to create a healthy prosperous safe enjoyable environment reaching all members in the community the elderly the youth the children and families no matter what race culture ethnicity disabilities you may have.

I want to see healthy minds happy faces comforted people happy children I want to see contented elderly people, thriving youth, a community flowing in harmony respect and love I want to see a greener and bright place giving life and light morning noon and night.

Lorraine Jones, Dwyanamics – Local Pastor