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Notes from meeting 16th March 2016 VACF

Notes taken by Steve Cole after a meeting of VACF on 16th March 2016. We were exploring how people communicate and find out information locally

How do we communicate?

Community Engagement

How do people want to be engaged?

Focus on community engagement – how do people want to be engaged

  • How do you hear about things?
  • What do you ignore?
  • What groups aren’t recognised here? Ethnic, age, language, etc
  • What groups are hard to reach, how can we reach them?
    • You
    • Your friends, families, neighbours
    • Organisations
    • Who have we missed

RECAP/Next steps

  • Governance
  • Bids

Reaching comms 10x10k


  • How do people hear about things
  • Look at local websites
  • Connect with different local communities (eg ethnic ubrella groups)
  • Local newspapers (in own languages)
  • Age UK local Directory
  • Charities
  • Email from community groups
  • Word of mouth
  • Posters and blogs
  • Leaflets & fliers
  • Other people
  • Facebook, twitter
  • Phone
  • Neighbour
  • Curious things
  • Being nosy
  • Estate/community App
  • Bollards
  • From family, from friends
  • Where they live, in their home
  • While travelling
  • Fun days
  • Inter-generational events
  • Don’t assume people can read or read in a specific language
  • Via games (eg draughts, snakes and ladders) for older people
  • In a shared space
  • BY making community spaces more accessible
  • Physical Signposting!
  • Aesthetic changes to the building (lighting, visuals etc)
  • Library
  • Drs
  • Pharmacy
  • YMCA
  • Supermarket
  • School newsletter/gazette
  • Housing officer
  • Knocking on doors
  • Via existing networks, supporting people who already have the contacts
  • Play music for dancing (especially for elderly people)
  • By factoring in personalities
  • Have the space to do things in and activities that people want
  • Dancing
  • Via art