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History of the organisation

A history of Vassall and Coldharbour

Community organisations started working together in January 2015. We first came together around the desire to improve our built environment (see our earliest theory of change documents attached here). This has evolved through discussion into the mission: to work together to create an empowered, diverse and prosperous community in Vassall and Coldharbour

What we've achieved to date:

▪      We've joined a variety of community groups previously unknown to each other

▪      We've highlighted resources in the community

▪      We're forming stronger networks.

▪      We're building a Community Economic Development Plan for Vassall and Coldharbour

▪      We've worked with national and London wide greening organisations (eg Sowing the Seeds, London as a National Park)

▪      We're applying for funding

▪      We're strengthening our governance and will elect a board in 2017